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8 Knitting Cast On Methods: Free Tutorials on Craftsy!

There are many ways to cast on depending on what you are knitting, personal preference, and the look you want to create. From the long-tail cast-on to the loop cast-on, here we cover five great ways to begin your next knitting project.

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DIY Knit Chicken Jumper Sweater (Written Pattern)/DIY Knit Chicken Sweater (Written Pattern) #Knit, #Pet, #Chicken

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Teaching Kids to Knit

When learning to knit a color changing yarn is a terrible idea, and needles can be larger than needed but too large and its even harder to do. A nice light or bright color of worsted and needles sizes larger than label reccomendation will do.

Tin-Can Knitting - my daughter and I have been doing this with a toilet-tissue tube and 6 popsicle sticks held on with fun duct tape; we had to Google "spool knitting" directions and found tons of easy-to-understand YouTube videos