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Geeky =) Nerdy

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Cold War underground home… fascinating.

Cold War underground home…

Scientists searching for an explanation for an unusually cool area of sky instead discovered a supervoid: an empty spherical blob 1.8 billion light years across. An earlier image from the Planck telescope shows the Cold Spot, circled.

Astronomers discover largest known structure in the universe is ... a big hole

BRITISH vs. AMERICAN English vocabulary.

British and American English…

10 interesting facts about Chernobyl

A little bit of history…

Real life is it's own comic book universe

How Are They Not Still Friends

Whoa Binder Clips

Is There An Infinity Stone In There?

Rune Generator: type your name and see it written in Dwarf Runes! (or Elvish)

Hobbit Rune Generator: Old English Runes, Angerthas, Tengwar

Lmfao me. Gotta carry the whole team on my back.

20 Signs You Grew Up In A Geek Household

Warning: full frontal nerdity

Interesting facts

Some Pretty Amazing Facts

17 People You See At Every Nerd Convention

Dorkly Comic: 17 People You See At Every Nerd Convention

Interesting Mindhacks - the ending is awesome!

Mindhacks... - The Meta Picture

Kickass Facts

Kickass Facts comp
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    Wow, amazingly cool!

Nothing is a faster turn off than someone who doesn't know what the Fibonacci Sequence is.

15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday

15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday

Braille Alphabet. Invented by Frank Haven Hall. acelebrationofwom...

Braille is this century's Brilliance

Mind Blowing… These 23 Unbelievable Facts Will DESTROY Your Understanding Of Time Read more at higherperspective...

Mind Blowing... These 23 Unbelievable Facts Will DESTROY Your Understanding Of Time -

The Amber Room, Catherine Palace, Russia consisted of thousands of panels of Baltic Amber set with diamonds and other presious gems backed with gold. The panels were stolen by the Nazis in WW2 and to this day have never been found

Bored at work? Here are some interesting, yet completely random, facts you never knew about.

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    mike h