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(Open RP, Sam Winchester needed please) It was relatively late at night when I heard a noise at my window. Sure enough, Sam Winchester was outside of my window.

All the time

I have to cover up the pages with me hand so I won't spoil it.

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Sometimes when I'm reading a book and I think the characters are in a room but then I read the next paragraph and they are sitting in a tree in Alabama and I need to change the whole scenario in my head

You are not the only person.

Or when you talk to someone who has also read the book and realize that you've been saying a character's name wrong in your head the entire time.>> you imagine them with long blond hair and suddenly "they brushed short brown hair out of their face"

Celaena Sardothien. This image has always haunted me

Isobel's parents (The last fight of David by Vyrhelle-VyrL on DeviantArt)

St. Florian Monastery, Austria

Florian Monastery, Austria Beauty and the Beast library

Die schönsten Bücher mit dem Bücherrahmen von FRAMO+ ausstellen. The Wine Library in Zurich

The Wine Library in the Boutique Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

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Audrey Hepburn lashes - Crafting For You

Einfach schön

So simple, her eyes are so realistic, makes me want to work on drawing lips better


Water is very sensitive to energy and even has a memory. And water has incredible power. The water spirit is revered in many cultures as protector, giver of life and ultimate purifier. Tap into her energy by putting thoughts of gratitude into your drinkin