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Beautiful Damn Heroes, Part 2: Art Nouveau Tributes to the Men of Firefly

You sort of expect to see Firefly's Mal Reynolds or Jayne Cobb on a Wanted poster — but did you ever expect to see them being enshrined as exemplars of art nouveau loveliness? And yet, it sort of fits, once you see the gorgeous final result.

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my problem is no matter how much people want the episodes if they get new ones they will end up being disappointing maybe not the first season or the next but somewhere down the road it will be there.

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Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Serenity Valley Dog Tag

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This introvert has jumped into lengthy conversations with complete strangers upon noticing their Firefly reference/shirt/whatever.

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23 Fun Facts About 'Firefly'

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Dear God, Please make the jerks who canceled Firefly spend an eternity watching Jersey Shore reruns. Amen.

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