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A beautiful park partially frames La Sagrada Familia, Guidi’s most well known design in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo By: John & Tina Reid)

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BUCKETLIST: breathe taking, isnt it? the Opera House is definitely one of the places i would love to visit in my lifetime. Australia is well known for its heat, and also the animals! i would visit the place they call "down under" in a heartbeat.

Floating Lantern Ceremony Hawaii ( Memorial Day By Brandon S. Olmstead Just like in tangled!

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✔ Bucket list- eat at places featured on diners, drive ins, and dives. Tick Tock Diner in Jersey already done.

Bucket list(: hahaha just pinning this for next week if you know what I mean ;)

kiss someone in times square.one day i will take my sailor to new york and do this

Before ι Dιe

I have done swimming in the rain with kids. It was fun. Dancing or running in the rain with kids! I already hear kids laughing & giggling.


Swim in every ocean. While not an ocean, this reminds me of my lifelong dream to swim in the Mediterranean and how excited I was to experience it in Barcelona.

This would be funny

:) or start singing Christmas don't be late XD depending on whether Christmas is near or not lol