You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering. | Ernest Hemingway

"You are so brave and quiet i forget you are suffering" -Ernest Hemingway This is so beautiful.

Sorry for the language but I think this is really important and helpful, especially when you are feeling down and overwhelmed. There are some really helpful and simple suggestions that make a big improvement on your moods!

Harry potter

J.K. Rowling announces new Harry Potter film…

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Girls,and guys,you're beautiful! even if people don't see it. Eat that cookie and drink that juice! Who cares what people think! Just smile and be confident. If you ever want anyone to talk to im here ♡

There is no such thing...

Another Pinner wrote. Rare and Ancient Book Library, Budapest, Hungary . I want a room like this, that or just move in a library!

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I don't know what a kahoot game is but I'm doing this<<<< what? You don't know what Kahoot is?

I didn't know there was an adult Wednesday, but she sounds awesome. "Real monsters prey on other monsters.

You can be feminine and still be a feminist. But you're a pretty crappy feminist if you shame girls who like to be feminine. We're supposed to be fighting for feminine qualities NOT being shamed by society, not do it ourselves and call it feminism.

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This is super sweet. I love that he used the words best friend because hes clearly in that relationship for the long haul.