Bring The Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

Learn how to grow your own seeds indoors using eggshells in this simple, DIY tutorial video.

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When to plant your vegetable garden.... When to plant what? Time to get started!

When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden - Listotic

River Rock Garden Markers by West Valley Moms Blog and other DIY garden ideas

Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations - Princess Pinky Girl

How to Compost - Magnificent Garden Soil

How to Compost - Magnificent Garden Soil - Pretty Handy Girl

Vegetable Gardening Guide

The Ultimate Vegetable Gardening Guide in Handy Infographic Form

Who needs fancy water purifiers? Try this easy water treatment technique instead, using nothing more than fruit peels and rubbing alcohol.

How to use fruit peels to filter your water

19 Houseplants That Clean the Air

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14 Bleach-Free Surface Disinfectants

14 Bleach-Free Surface Disinfectants: Recipes :

To ripen tomatoes in half the time, place them in a bowl with an apple or two and cover it with plastic wrap.

New Uses for Compostable Items

How to Make Homemade Organic Fruit and Vegetable Wash - An Easy DIY Produce Wash. 1 organic lemon, medium sized Organic White vinegar Water Spray bottle (BPA-Free)

How to Make Homemade Organic Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Sprouting Seedlings in Eggshells on Food52: #Food52

Sprouting Seedlings in Eggshells

DIY - How to dry your herbs

How to Dry Your Herbs

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining an Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden - Creative Juice

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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday, on Food52: #Food52

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Start seedlings in an egg shell and, when ready, plant the entire thing. The egg shells will naturally compost providing valuable nutrients to your plants.

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How To Grow Herbs And Veggies When You Live In A City Apartment

17 Tips For Starting Your Own Herb Garden

Shop more often. | 34 Ways To Waste Less Food

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Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

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#Composting doesn't have to be buggy or smelly. Follow our 3 tips for turning kitchen scraps into rich soil

Scraps for the Garden

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

How To Start a Vegetable Garden

Every year, Americans throw away $165 billion of food. Happy Earth Day. Let’s do better. | 34 Ways To Waste Less Food

34 Ways To Waste Less Food

happy little lineup - Gorgeous re-usable glass water bottles! #livegreen

bkr® = glass bottle + silicone sleeve. 500mL.

Printable for what to compost & what not to compost

What to Compost – Our Green Thumb

Top tips to save the earth!

Whole Foods Market