Asking me to complete this section is like asking me to complete one of those horrid "tell me something about you" questionnaires that teachers love to give out on the first day of school. // sidebar by auxpoles & header gif by japandreams

Haha! Mine used to be trying to slip in a shower before primetime and running out still putting on my pants and leaving a trail of water dripping off my hair onto the floor. Then DVRs saved the neighbors and the hardwood.

Chola Eyebrows…

That is totally my two brilliant dogs.One of them with understand and one of them will fail to understand.(on many things)They are crazy but I still love them to death!!!They got haircuts and one of them has a Mohawk I love it!!!!!!!

Animal portraits category - highly commendedBorneo baby by Brian Matthews (United Kingdom)The baby could have been only a couple of months old, but its mother was used to the orang-utan researchers and was comfortable for them to watch her from about five

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