The Sophia Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey-- add to the list of dream destinations

green door. Istanbul, Turkey

Where do you find discarded beautiful doors like this to use in your home? Amazing green church door in Istanbul, Turkey

Doris Salcedo ( İstanbul )

Doris Salcedo, Installation at International Istanbul Biennial, Salcedo's idea was to create a "topography of war"--not tied to a specific historical event, but to war in general. wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.


If New York has Chinatown and Little Italy, then Istanbul has "French Street" full with tented buildings, street musicians, cafés, bars and art centers. Photo by Aniarenia


Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey hagia sophia was originally a church back in the day . its also known as the blue mosque


Istanbul, Turkey - The marble base pedestal of the Egyptian Obelisk of Theodosius Hippodrome Istanbul Turkey

How to Get an Antiqued Finish With Spray Paint

You can achieve a shabby, aged or antiqued finish on your furniture or wood projects using a spray paint. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the type of finish you want. View the slideshow below to read more:

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