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Howl - Howl's Moving Castle (i just like the photo. its so haunting.)

Umbreon using Phychic Flareon using Flamethrower Espeon using The Stare Glaceon in/using Blizzard Leafeon using The Stare Jolteon using Thunder Vaporeon using Hydro Pump

Elinor and Marianne - Sense and Sensibility

As much as we love them, some part of us knew they couldn't have had happy endings. For me, some of our fallen characters, like Wash and Tara, could have made it. But others, like Spike and Anya, just couldn't have.

(gif set) Dominic Monaghan about John Rhys-Davies

"The former Queen of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are sisters, which make Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa cousins."

One of the best exchanges in Lord of the Rings.

Thomas Kinkade - Disney - His use of detail is awe-inspiring... I have these all on another board but none of this quality / color so I thought I'd pin again : )

John's face.....he's not even that surprised at all. Like it is totally normal for Sherlock to come home like that and John is completely accepting of that fact.

You're Not That Kind of Elf, Legolas.

SPOILERS....ahahaha!! Sorry, this just made me giggle and I couldn't Not post it.

Thank goodness for the Internet to further fuel our obsession alongside people halfway across the world =D

I wonder what I would have done had I not flipped through the picture book at the library and spoiled it for myself, but in my defense who worries about spoilers in a Disney movie?

Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Mugs to be released in March 2014

The Geeky Chef: Elven Lembas Bread. Tons of recipes from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, LOTR, and more

I want to try the fence border! So cute!!

I guess brunettes have all the fun now.