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The Droideka was the stand out droid star in 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace', and now it has (more or less) been brought to life by a team of Japanese researchers. Meet QRoss. Click through for details:

Barbie know how to put together a good viral ad. Entitled ‘Imagine the Possibilities’, this features a series of girls taking on the roles of lecturer, veterinarian, business executive, football team coach and palaeontologist. It’s pretty adorable, but it also promotes a good message for girls and women - you can achieve anything you want. Click through for more viral vids…

There are very few items in everyday life that have remained free from the touches of smart-tech enthusiasts. We’ve smartened up kitchens, bikes, cars, pets, doorbells and more. So I guess it was only a matter of time before people started trying to add technology to coffins, right?

The town of Chesham in the UK has become the first town in the country to get a smart pavement that beams high-speed Wi-Fi from beneath the feet of shoppers. Pictured: Cllr Fred Wilson, Chiltern District Council.

At Tyndall Institute in Cork, an army of scientists is working on tiny problems and materials that could one day have a huge impact on the world we live in, and especially on the internet of things. We spoke to Tyndall CEO Dr Kieran Drain about the Institute's projects.

Ireland is home to one of the world’s healthiest populations of badgers, with new research shedding light on just why they are such successful breeders. Female badgers, it turns out, can carry young from multiple fathers at the same time, while also suspending the implantation of an embryo following fertilisation.

It turns out dinosaurs weren’t cold-blooded killers after all, but nor were they warm. Researchers now believe that, extraordinarily, they could self-regulate their body temperatures.

Facebook is reportedly set to bring out a dedicated news channel, Notify, within its app, as the social media giant seeks to continue its attack on Google’s news traffic market.

From today, Tesla Model S saloon cars in the US will be able to drive and park themselves. The autonomous vehicle capability will arrive in Europe and Asia within weeks.

Fans of Bill Murray and Christmas greetings featuring the man himself can rejoice, as Netflix gets set for the star-studded 'A Very Murray Christmas'. Click through for details.