That's adorable.

Just another vicious Pitbull

The perfect example of a vicious pit bull. A vicious pit bull I want to squeeze.

Come on, we're late!

Little Dog says to The Horse, whose named is: "Beaumont." ~ "Will you walk a little faster please 'Beaumont?' We are already running late!" - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Caleb I got special permission to go see El. I had a surprise for her. I knock on her door with my foot because I was holding a box with a ribbon on top.


Where’s your baby?

Funny pictures about Big Dog's Baby. Oh, and cool pics about Big Dog's Baby. Also, Big Dog's Baby photos.

Wood Sign Gift

Instead of putting this on wood, put on a canvas with a stretched image of my dad and I. Wood Sign Gift Some people don't believe in by aubreyheath

Haha this is so funny!

My pet’s pet…

My dog has a pet rock. <--- well that is a really nice rock, I mean look at it. look at THAT rock, if you were going to have a pet rock, wouldn't you pick THAT one too? the dog has excellent taste.


Cute picture of a kitten in the garden. Love how it's black and white except for the kitten.