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Marilyn Monroe Black & White Photo Cross-Stitch Pattern

Marilyn Monroe, This is my favorite photo of her! The man reason because this dress did not fit her. It other photos like this one you can see it is unzipped. Also because her make up and hair stylist did not do her up. She did her en make up and hair

Marilyn Monroe

She wasn't a size and definitely wasn't a role model or philosopher, but she slept with Kennedy, and I love her<<< pretty picture

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If there was ever a lady today that set my heart with wings to fly it wouldn't be any other lady other than Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe

What a great picture of Marilyn! Makes her look like a beautiful girl next door instead of a glamourous Hollywood diva.

Marilyn Monroe - Publicity Photo For ‘Clash by Night’ By Ernest Bachrach - 1952

Best 100 Marilyn Monroe Quotes: Marilyn Monroe is an American pop culture icon. Monroe was one of the most fascinating and marketable Hollywood actresses as well as America’s most famous sex symbol.


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so beautiful.

leinylovessyou: “ Happy Birthday to Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest stars in history. She’s really one of the most beautiful and inspiring people that ever graced the Earth.

Reading in Los Angeles in August 1950.   - MarieClaire.com

13 Rare Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe