Perhaps it's not the best book ever written but it is certainly captivating in its storyline. It had been recommended to me years ago but for some reason, I never bothered to pick it up. Now I'm glad I did.

I've learned that Starz has given a series order to Outlander, a drama based on Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling fantasy/romance/adventure series of books.

Arthurian legends are dusted off and retold from the female perspective. I loved this book and have passed it along to others many times over.

The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley I want THIS version of the book.

The intro to the book is excellent. Each story is like an item on a dim sum tray that just makes you hungrier for the next.

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The book is significantly different from the film and well worth reading if you have missed it.

Cheesy movie inspired me to re-read the book (Contact - Carl Sagan) Jan 2012

The most annoying writing mistakes - BookBaby Blog

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 4 ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning annoying writing mistakes

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary, it slips unseen into our lives until the final moment of reveal. This is a jewel.

Larry's Party - Carol Shields is everyone's mom's favourite author.

Maybe it's the science behind it that makes this book a favourite to read again and again.

First Edition Book Hyperspace Michio Kaku Parallel Universes Time Warps

It will make you angry and it will bring you joy. Most of all, it will enlighten you in ways that will surprise you and you can read it right here.

Must Read: Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her: Susan Griffin: