Inverted Spiral Earrings (Weave instructions are on Maille Artisans - several clicks to get there)

Inverted Spiral Earrings - chainmaille - with weave instructions. The different colored jump rings really stand out in this design!

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

I really love chainmaille jewelry, but some of the weaves are really complicated. I have made a few pieces of chainmaille with the easier weaves. I found a tutorial today for a chainmaille and pearl bracelet, it looks fairly easy. the pearls are .

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Chainmaille Tutorial

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sterling Silver Star Pendant Kit or Ready Made by CreatingUnkamen - Jewelry supplies - jewelry making - jewelry supply - diy jewelry

Bicubix Blocks Chainmaille Earrings

Ok, so maybe chainmaille jewelry is for me after all. "Bicubix Blocks Chainmaille Earrings by BridgeCityMaille on Etsy"

Baby Pink Dragon Scale Bracelet

Baby Pink Dragon Scale Bracelet

Mobius Flowers Earrings

Chainmaille patterns can be really intricate and beautiful, just like these Mobius Flower Earrings. At first glance, they may seem difficult, but they are actually pretty easy to make. After you& mastered this earrings, make a matching bracelet!

Rhumba Earring

If you love pieces of chainmaille with beads, these Rhumba Earrings are something you have to make. The little beads accentuate how delicate and feminine this chainmaille pattern is. What a beautiful addition to an evening dress!

The ChainMaille Lady: Tri-Mobius Chainmaille Earrings in Artistic Wire®

The ChainMaille Lady @ Quality Jewelry Designs: Tri-Mobius Chainmaille Earrings in Artistic Wire®

Mobius Earrings

Mobius Earrings

Helm Weave

DIY: Helm Weave Bracelet: Close 4 small jumprings Add 2 larger rings Separate small rings and add 1 large ring Add second large ring Link 1 large ring to one side and add 2 small rings Add one more large ring on other side and repeat to finish!