Que tal criar um globo de neve com garrafa pet para o Natal? Uma opção sustentável para deixar o clima de Natal ainda mais alegre! - Veja mais em: http://www.vilamulher.com.br/artesanato/passo-a-passo/como-fazer-globo-de-neve-com-garrafa-pet-689179.html?pinterest-destaque

Como fazer globo de neve com garrafa pet

Loopy Linnet Christmas Coasters

Four Christmas coasters made from natural linen, appliquéd and machine embroidered with quirky designs. The coasters are padded and backed in dark red spotty cotton. They measure approx square Useful and decorative.

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Summer is the ideal time to gather sea shells and barnacles. These materials that nature has generously given us , can be used to make incr.

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