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Claire Rosen's birds of paradise - in pictures

Kodak eir film - color infared

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Dolls are creepy enough, but dismembered dolls?

Try to look at these photos of doll factories without screaming

Slices of Watermelon Tourmaline

mineralists: Slices of Watermelon Tourmaline - Minerals

Katarzyna Parejko photography -- ROSE -- artnau -- --

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Lee Broom design truck, Milan 2016

Lee Broom's Salone del Automobile delivery van at MDW2016 — urdesignmag

polite clapper

polite clapper - crafthaus

Huang Yong Ping - saint brévin les pins, pointe de mindin.

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●Koizumi Studio | Dream Design Project(鏡箱)

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Kitsch Kitchen

Shiebler sterling silver multi-motif "Flora" pattern, available in at least 17 motifs, plus variations. This is one of the earliest art nouveau patterns, patented in 1889. (SMP Silver Salon Forums . . #flatware . . #cutlery

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blue & green moorish mosaics...

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Sleepbox by Arch Group

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NEW!! YOSHIMOTO cube Puzzle from JAPAN

The Man-Approved Gift Guide

Las Vegas showgirls by Sammy Davis Jr.

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Cinderella's Nikes | @andwhatelse

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"As my story came to a close I realized that I was the villain all along." Character Inspiration, writing prompt

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vintage vegas showgirls


Retro Holiday Dessert

DIY: Snow Globe Cupcakes

Todra Gorge. Atlas Mountains. Morocco diario de actualidad, moda y belleza

Silent film actor Harold Lloyd's estate in 1972. This tree was kept up year round (the guy in the photo is the keeper). I don't know if the Lloyd estate is still intact, but it would be fun to research it and find out what happened to these thousands of glass ornaments from around the world, or if his descendents continued into the 80s, 90s, and the turn of the new century as he wanted! (I doubt that, but it would be cool!)

Harold Lloyd’s Christmas Tree

Mondays by Gosha Bondarev.


Pointe shoes - the only sensible choice for when you're walking your turkey. Vera Ellen

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Steve Strange, 1980s New Romantic and main vocalist of Visage

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Simone Walsh