Feng Shui friendly furniture

Good Feng Shui prefers a free flow of energy in the space. Feng Shui friendly furniture promotes the free flow of energy through soft edges and features.
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a bedroom with a bed, rug and two framed pictures on the wall above it
Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Reveal - Jenna Sue Design
a yellow chair and ottoman in front of a white wall with a painting on it
An Earthy & Minimal Ski Home in Montana
a vase with flowers on top of a table next to a lamp and other items
Table Lamps, Glass Table Lamps & Brass Table Lamps | Cox & Cox
NEW Cicero Desk lamp
a living room filled with furniture and a large potted plant next to the window
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a couch with pillows
Home office desk
Another great solution for your temporary home office. Found this on Amazon UAE for you. #ad #fengshui #wellness #fengshuihome #fengshuidecor #fengshuitips
a wooden desk with two drawers on each side and an open drawer at the top
Home office desk
What a handy and versatile (and very affordable!) desk for your temporary home office! Made of natural bamboo wood. Found this on Amazon UAE for you. #ad #fengshui #wellness #fengshuihome #fengshuidecor #fengshuitips
a bed with a green headboard and white sheets in a room next to pictures on the wall
Headboard cover
Feng Shui friendly headboards are padded and should not be made of wood and especially not of metal. In case you have a wood or metal headboard, this cover is perfect to slide over your existing headboard to protect your head and crown chakra for a restful sleep. This one is available in various sizes and colours. Found this on Amazon UAE for you. #ad #fengshui #wellness #wealth #health
a table with a plant on it next to a potted plant in a window sill
Japanese Style Round ushion/table
Natural plant materials, hand-woven, durable Low-carbon environmental protection without odor Simple and practical design, giving a simple and calm feeling Comfortable and breathable, clean and easy to care. Found this on Amazon UAE for you. #ad #fengshui #wellness #wealth #health
two bean bags sitting on the floor in front of a table
Soft fit ottoman
I love this beautiful ottoman made of washed cotton and thick canvas, no fading, no deformation, comfortable, breathable moisture absorption. support great energy levels! Found this on Amazon UAE for you, available in different colours. #ad #fengshui #wellness #wealth #health
a woman is holding a large round object in her hand while standing on the floor
Booster Cushion in cotton and linen
Lovely versatile booster cushion in natural material. The perfect companion for yoga, meditation and for relaxed sitting! Found this on Amazon UAE for you. #ad #fengshui #wellness #wealth #health
an outdoor chair cushion with black piping on the back and seat, made out of fabric
Floor chair
This floor chair is very comfortable and versatile. I loved them in my theoretical yoga classes. They are available in different sizes and colours. Made of linen, therefore great energy levels. Found this on Amazon. #ad #fengshui #wellness #wealth #health
a round blue ottoman sitting on top of a metal frame
PAN emirates Round Ottoman Blue 45x46x45cm UAE | Dubai, Abu Dhabi
The beautiful round and soothing shape makes this ottoman a Feng Shui friendly piece.Available in the UAE and KSA online at noon.com. Use my promo code LT7Y for up to 10% discount on this and all noon ‘express’ items. #ad
a round pink table with vertical lines on it's sides and a white background
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018: i miei preferiti - Interior Break
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018: i miei preferiti - Interior Break