Ombre blonde. I love love love

Ombre Hair Extensions, Blonde Dip Dye clip in hair extensions, 7 Pieces, Double Wefted, love the idea of this. Way too chicken to ever color my hair so this would give me a fun option to switch up my look.

DIY 40s bombshell scarf!

DIY Bomb Girls styled scarf tutorial how-to styling.ive always been trying to figure out how to tie these.

Wrap a scarf around you bun... LOVE it!!

Wrap a head scarf around a bun -- tease hair. Do sock bun. Wrap scarf around. I have the perfect scarf for this!

To die for: Big Bouffant Hair Bun. Going to have to do this when my hair is long enough

To die for: Big Bouffant Hair Bun -- This is an altered version of the famous sock bun. Instead of the neatness and clean lines of your typical sock bun, this is a messy volumeized style that is absolutely adorable! curled ends with a curling iron

Medium faded #pompador style, slightly split and blown high and the front and lower at the crown!!

Medium faded pompadour style, slight split and blown up in the front, down at the crown. Love this cut on the silver hair, too!

mens cut  6 on bottom, 8 on top, use clippers for the bottom of the hair, use shears for the top and blend , part hair on the side and wet hair down before cutting the top of the head.   Products: Moisturizing system shampoo and conditioner, maneuver, and get groomed  Haircut every 2-3 weeks

MATT BOMER not Christian grey! He might be playing Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Matt Bomer is the star of the USA Network television series White Collar and plays ken in the movie Magic Mike.