Wow, I really love these Lego print ads. They're more than toys, they're imagination and dreams. Really simple concept and clean design, but gets the point across in a way that really resonates.

Lego Print Ad This is a super simple, yet super clever ad that makes use of a single image, and doesn't even use copy. It shows that Lego is more than just a toy - it's about imagination for the kids that use them.

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Headline- the large short texts that take up most of the advertisement effectively convey the message of how delicious Nutella (the product) tastes by appealing to the readers sense of taste(lick) and sight( texts are written in chocolate).

This is a very funny and unique ad for Duracell. It depicts Darth Vader trying to put in batteries into his light saber in order for it to work. This is very cool and works well for this picture.

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Mouth-Covering Mustache Ads

♂ Creative advertising inspiration - Swiss Smile Dental Clinic: Stop hiding your teeth. I like the idea of hiding your teeth

Colgate :: 333 strokes per second #ad

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Creative advertising

The Print Ad titled Breakfast was done by DDB Warsaw advertising agency for product: Mcmuffin Egg (brand: McDonald's) in Poland.


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Surfrider Foundation: Barcode scanner, 3

You Buy The Sea Pays - Surfrider Foundation print advertising campaign from France