What if

Mind Blown: Every breath you take

Mind Blown: Every breath you take. I shall write a book, and it will contain this concept.


Not a big Blink 182 fan but still a better band than One Direction. If they can be called a band. Blink purposely did their music video like that to make fun of boy bands

Be right back dying

Everyone is trying to sleep and I'm over here holding in a gut-busting laugh while struggling to breathe.MADAGASKARTH thats pretty funny

WTF Facts : funny, interesting

Facts about weird, intersting weird information WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

Why haven't they done that yet. Come on Pierce The Veil.

Feliz Navidad has been my favorite Christmas song since I was and Pierce the Veil singing it would be amazing


Very accurate - sometimes I question why I love some of these bands so much when they act like a bunch of crazy, perverted college-age guys, but then I see quotes or amazing things they do and I remember.

BryanStars on

I'd feel really bad for the band members. I would just sing for them and ask them to let me join they're band or to do a cover with me. <<<I would just fangirl over them constantly

I need a band bank account man this is getting outta control

Or when they get to small (awesome idea! my son wears my band shirts so much, i have started wearing them too )

i can't even... xD

I love how Tony is like smile pretty and Vic is like photo bomb