Ultimate garden

♂ Vertical garden green living wall Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, California. I love a courtyard.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing hydrangea for the bird house pole. There's a climbing hydrangea? My favorite flower!

.garden path

Garden Design Ideas & Inspiration : I want to walk down that path. Pinned to a Garden Design by Darin Bradbury.

secluded stone retreat

Ever since reading The Secret Garden as a girl, I& loved the idea of a walled-in garden. A courtyard garden is both an outdoor spac.

clematis paniculata...

Clematis this Sweet Autumn Clematis blooms in the late summer in the garden, also such a good, sweet smell late in the afternoon!


White climbing rose with a whisper of pink contrasts nicely with the slightly yellowed white stucco. Notice the green copper roof (left) and copper drain gutters with the red tile and black lantern lighting.

rose garden

M is for Meet Cecile Brunner A popular climbing rose introduced by Joseph Pernet-Ducher in France in Climbing Cecile Brunner Roses, photographed by Carolyn Parker