Alberte is one two women I admire because they've triumphed over serious domestic abuse.

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Rosaleen Dickson has long been my role model, a vibrant writer and editor whose 90th birthday last year was pure joy.

Patricia Fry is the founder of SPAWN, and an inspiration to all small and self-publishers. Find her at:

Amy Shojai founded the Cat Writers' Association 20 years ago. A recognized expert in cat and dog behavior, she's the author of more than two dozen books. She's at:

Dana is the founder of the Cassell Network of Writers, and the Editor of Freelance Writer's Report (where I've been a regular contributor for many years). She and I jointly administer the Facebook group, Freelancers Working Together.

Dinner with Lorna Olson, when she was visiting from Thunder Bay

Adelaide Meekis is the matriarch of a wonderful family on the Sandy Lake First Nation. One of her sons is the CEO of Sandy Lake, and many of her children and grandchildren are teachers.

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