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A great visual rubric. I love this! It is so important for students to see models! Using a rubric scale to compare weak and strong writing models is a great way for students to begin to reflect on their own writing!

Get kids to assess themselves and their learning

Great way to get the kids to assess themselves and their learning. This is an anchor chart to help students decide if they are a novice, apprentice, practitioner, or expert on a skill or concept.

Hamburger Writing Rubric

The writing rubric would be an excellent idea to have hanging in the classroom for the students to reference to while doing in class writing activities. The standards that would correspond with this pin would be any writing standard within the third grade

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Rubric Ideas - providing a structure for the K kids to talk about when looking at their own work -- introduce in preschool towards the end of the year? (explore further - what parts of it are they ready for? I love this, too!

As the students pass levels, they move their clothespin down the rocket until they blast the next operation! $3.00

Change this to multiplication Rockin' Teacher Materials: Rocket Math Rocks! Student names on the clothes pins. Clip on rocket to show progress.

Writing Rubric from

Photo on Literacy Ideas / Writing Rubric for kindergarten.I would adapt this a bit.but I LOVE it in general. Totally need to make one of these.

Handwriting rubric

Still mulling over how I feel about this but I think it looks like a great reminder for the kids. easy enough to wander around while they are writing and put that symbol in the corner of their work to remind them too.

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