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some lights that are hanging in the grass
Backyard Lights: 10 Beautiful Back Yard Lighting Ideas
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two mason jars with fairy lights in them sitting on a tablecloth covered couches
Mason Jar Fairy Lights, Wide Mouth Quart Jars, Warm White Lights, Set of 12
Wide mouth Mason jar fairy lights.
several different pictures with lights hanging from them and flowers in the trees, candles lit up
Wedding Ideas: 30 Perfect Ways to Use Candles for Your Big Day - Blog
a chandelier hanging from a tree with lots of lights on top of it
Natalie & Andrew Married! Modjeska California
Wagon wheel & mason jars w/added bling.
a chandelier hanging from the side of a tree
David Tutera
Chandeliers in trees, amazing.
three hanging lanterns with flowers and candles on them are hung from a tree in the woods
18 Dazzling Ways to Light Up Your Fall Wedding With Lanterns
mason jars are hanging from a tree with candles in the jar holders on each side
Candles in mason jars on a tree. Great for outdoor parties.
a group of lanterns hanging from a tree