Hook's Revenge

A collection of images and/or pages that either inspired me while writing Hook's Revenge or reminded me of it once I finished. Note: I cannot vouch for other images or content on the websites the linked to. Click through at your own peril. Yo ho!
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Words of wisdom.

I am a pirate. Not the Johnny Depp kind. No, the Errol Flynn kind. I love everything to do with pirates and sailing ships and the sea. I am a pirate. Pinned especially for the comment above!

I love this print of a fairy going to a ball. There may or may not be a fairy ball in Hook's Revenge...

I love this print of a fairy going to a ball. There may or may not be a fairy ball in Hook's Revenge.

Lady Washington--real life inspiration for Jocelyn's ship, the Hook's Revenge.

Launched on March the Lady Washington was built in Aberdeen, Wash., by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, a not-for-profit public development authority. The new Lady Washington is a full-scale reproduction of the original Lady Washington.

I have this necklace. It's one of my favorites.

Peter Pan Quote necklace, Peter Pan jewelry , peter pan pendant ,To live will be an awfully big adventure pendant ,fairy fantasy jewelry

Peter Pan Neverland map antique bronze by starmekcreations, This is such a cute necklace!

Tick tock...

"Eye of the Crocodile [Print & iPad Case]" iPad Cases by Damienne Bingham


Rowan Stocks-Moore from Liverpool has recently joined Etsy with cleverly created minimalist posters of Disney movies. He is a graphic design graduate who loves books and film covers, and that is from where he draws inspiration for his designs.

▶ The Call ~ Regina Spektor ~ Lyrics - YouTube I know this is from Prince Caspian, but it fits Jocelyn and Roger's friendship so well. I love it.

Just because others can't feel our sorrow, doesn't mean that we have to forget. Let your memories grow stronger stronger.No need to say goodbye. The Call ~ Regina Spektor ~ Lyrics

never say goodbye. because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. -peter pan

Inspiring image goodbye, love, miss u, peter pan, quote by arakan - Resolution - Find the image to your taste