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Heidi Schulz
Heidi Schulz
Heidi Schulz

Heidi Schulz

Lies to children for fun and profit: HOOK’S REVENGE (9/16/2014) HOOK'S REVENGE: THE PIRATE CODE (9/2015) and GIRAFFES RUIN EVERYTHING (Spring 2016).

This is a very cool image, but the link does not take you to the right place : [

The Writer’s Life is Full of Second Chances (or: Abandon Despair, All Ye Who Enter Here)

Captain's Hook - a pirate wall hook

Cover Reveal: The Pirate Code (Hook's Revenge #2) by Heidi Schulz -On sale September 15th 2015 by Disney-Hyperion -Fresh off her victory over the Neverland crocodile, Jocelyn Hook decides the most practical plan is to hunt down her father's famous fortune. After all, she'll need the gold to fund her adventuring in the future. (And luckily, Hook left her the map.)

Giraffes ruin childhood. (This kid and I, we have a lot in common.) Anonymous submission

Hook's Revenge on the Huffington Post! Inspired by the classic tale of <em>Peter Pan</em>, the book follows 12-year-old Jocelyn, who dreams of becoming every bit the pirate as her infamous father, the legendary Captain Hook. So it's no surprise that Jocelyn springs into action after receiving a letter to avenge her father's death at the jaws of the Neverland crocodile.

Hook's Revenge is out next week!

Giraffes ruin push bikes. (Thanks, @TheLizLincoln!)

Teen bedroom. Love the loft with desk nook to do something like this for the boy

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Giraffes ruin children, part 2. (Thanks, @thelizlincoln!)

Giraffes ruin children, part 1. (Thanks, @thelizlincoln!)

It's Cheaper To Rent A French Castle Than To Stay At Disney World

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Portland Summer Guide 2014: Places to Swim Outdoors Near Portland

Love this bob haircut.