FINGERS IN A BUN ~ Halloween ~ Sick & Horrifying! Not a good thing for little children to see.... and I hate Halloween!! Why, oh, why would parents & g'parents want their children to celebrate 'The Day of the Dead!' and see & eat things like this?? This is NOT FUN!! ~

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Surgical Glove Party Favors | 31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks

31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks

pinterest fun party foods | This is just a cute and funny way to display your guacamole on ...

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Clever No Carve/Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Kids on Halloween - Crafty Morning

Clever No Carve/Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Kids - Crafty Morning

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo this weekend, here's another genius Star Wars drawing done Dia de los Muertos style. May the 4th be with you, R2D2 C3PO!

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6 Beautiful Fall Wreaths you can make!

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Thanksgiving shelf decor. Great way to use those little white pumpkins!

How to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving

And we thank Him for this food. By His hand must all be fed. Give us Lord...our daily bread. Amen.

God is Great – God is Good

Mexican decor: The Catrina, Mexican symbol of Days of the Dead and an amazing piece to have in a home.

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Rag Doll Curls Kids Wig - Adult Wigs

Rag Doll Curls Kids Wig - Adult Wigs

doll costume makeup step by step - WHAT!? Halloween maybe, but this girl looks like it's just a regular day. WTF?!

Doll Face Makeup Tutorial: Step by Step Picture Guide

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. How to match stitches on nylons.

Sock Dreams Socks - Sock Journal -


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Monica Pastrana

Something Wicked this way comes free chalkboard printables

Free Halloween Chalkboard Printables -

Halloween Chalkboard Art and Free Printable - Uncommon Designs...

Halloween Chalkboard Art and Free Printable - Uncommon Designs

DIY Halloween Decorations | Best Simple & Scary DIY Halloween Decorations | Holiday fun and cuten ...

4 Great Pumpkin Ideas

Frankie: Halloween Decor ~ Don't ask Frankie what he ate for dinner, not unless you want the gory details. No one likes to be reminded of what caused their food poisoning, and man, did it do a number on him. He's going to be green like this! His friend Frank was really looking forward to getting out of the house with his buds too, but this poor guy's illness had to go and spoil the party. Poor guy. Look at him. Pity him.

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Roberts Crafts: Halloween Block Project - Jenn be cute to make some of these for the front porch maybe do a pumpkin and a ghost as well :) too cute and super easy :)

Roberts Crafts: Halloween Block Project - Jenn

home of the wicked witch....... For next year at house. Lol

Spooktacular Decor | StyleBlueprint Birmingham

themoonphase: deadlychinadoll: What’s not to love… ☽ ☼ the...

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Tim Burton's Dogs by on @deviantART

Tim Burton's Dogs by ToonSkribblez on deviantART

Sally by ~jack104 on deviantART

Sally by jack104 on deviantART

Nightmare Before Christmas Family Guy

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Mad Hatter Jack by ~HalloweenBloodyQueen on deviantART

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