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    Reading Literature Interactive Notebook for Grades 6-9. Focuses on: character development, figurative language, plot development, citing textual evidence, and vocabulary. Perfect for any novel or short story throughout the semester!

    Ideas for Interactive Notebook- great blog, AND it's by a middle school teacher

    Informational Reading Passage - The Toughest Foot Race on Earth. This packet includes an informational article about the Badwater Ultramarathon. The passage covers who runs and why, and the harsh conditions the racers face running across Death Valley. The pavement can get so hot it can melt the soles of the runners' shoes! Questions on main ideas, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Perfect for Subs!

    45 minute lesson plan for ELA grades 7-10! Informational text covering social media addiction in teenagers!

    "Attention or Detention" bulletin board for middle and high school classrooms

    Task cards are perfect for high school science classes. Check out my blog post for 14 ways to use task cards with your high school students.

    "Myth #1: High school English teachers sit around all day reading and discussing great literature, and crafting Romeo and Juliet lesson plans. Truth #1: High school English teachers sit around all day reading Sarah, Felipe, and Nick's crappy essays. English teachers have no time to read, except in the summer. In fact, if you love reading, become a Math teacher." So true.

    Common Core Aligned. The handouts, worksheets, and graphic organizers contained in this packet are appropriate for many kinds of informational reading. The examples used in explanations are from famous speeches. Topics covered: Rhetorical Devices (including figurative language and ethos, pathos, logos),Theme, Summary, and Vocabulary. $

    Add SUPERHEROTEACH on Snapchat for secret promo codes for followers only, pics/videos of products in the works, and classroom snapshots!

    Cell phone addiction is real, and I'm losing the battle! Some of my students have TWO phones now. Reading about it at Composition Classroom.

    Crowdsourcing in the ELA classroom

    Interactive Notebook Bundle for Reading, Vocabulary, Nonfiction, Literature for: English language arts, social studies, science, business, and more.

    An entire year of American Literature activities in a binder format for students!! Tons of hands on, interactive activities that will keep students thinking critically!

    Editable teacher/life planner for all grade levels! 100% editable PDF format!

    This is a wonderful lesson. It was done for a sixth grade class but I'm going to find a way to tailor it for my third graders.

    Opinion Reading Comprehension and Writing. This packet contains two original informational non-fiction articles, one pro and one con on the topic of whether tablets should replace textbooks in schools. Multiple skills are covered, including reading, close reading, reading comprehension, analyzing two texts on the same topic, vocabulary, summarizing, and opinion writing. $

    Entire semester of speech and communication activities! 8 comprehensive units!

    This character map helps students keep track of the many characters in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. The map shows relationships between characters as while.

    This is a DIGITAL Interactive Notebook for grades 7-12 that focuses on informational text pieces. Students are given a link to access the interactive notebook through Google Slides!

    Excellent advice and inspiration for narrative writing to share with students.