Who Wouldn't Love Subtraction Bowling! This activity can get your students out of their seats and teach them to have fun with mathematics. (Precious Holmes)

Subtraction bowling…fun & Instructional Practices in Education and Training The student assesses teaching and learning. The student is expected to: (A) describe the role of assessment as part of the learning process;

Fun science idea for preschool.

Bubbles: colored water and a drop of dish soap - shake Waves: half colored water, half baby oil Sink or Float: Water/glitter. Static: Add tissue paper squares, rub on either carpet or hair! I am going to do this for the classroom this year!

2\15 Math 1 of 5

All About Me Unit Ideas

MATH - Here are some the All About Me Unit Projects we have completed thus far: All About Me Glyph All About Me Puppet Theater with various feeling faces and ways we get to and from felt pieces.

cute idea for graphing colors from The Creative Kindergartener

cute idea for graphing colors from The Creative Kindergartener - make with coloured links to show data in color

2\15 Math 2 of 5..Part 2..Count by 1s up to 10

This activity meets the NCTM standard on count with understanding. This activity shows children a graphical way to count by 5 using their hand prints.

2\15 ..... Math 3 of 5

Preschool Letter M

2/12 Science - extended idea with blue jewels in water with dice 20b.4, 20.c., 13.6

Counting Raindrops Math Activiity: Work on Correspondence and Counting with this free printable

2\15 Math 2 of 5

MARCH - Brushing teeth x Numbers Dental Health- Could also have a real tooth brush with a number written on it. (Buy multipacks from dollar store.

2/9 Math - Patterns and Sequencing Line 22 and 23

3D Rain Clouds Craft (with free pattern

weather week- Rain Clouds Craft with a printable pattern included in the post. Fun spring craft for kids.

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