The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Stratton)/The Little Mermaid

William Heath Robinson Illustrations pour "Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen" - 1913

The Little Mermaid illustration Helen Stratton // vintage black & white, fairy tale/story

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A stamp honoring the anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth shows the Snow Queen flying over Kay's house, listening as this small boy makes his ill-considered boast.

The Snow Queen by Elena Ringo - The Snow Queen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robinson, The Mermaid, Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Anderson

oldchildrensbooks: ““The Nightingale” ” ‘Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen’ translated by Mrs. Lucas and illustrated by Thomas, Chas., and William Robinson. Published 1899 by J.

Charles Robinson William Heath Robinson & Thomas Heath Robinson “Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen”, 1899