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超喜歡DOA的女天狗 超級性感! 話說又一陣子沒發圖了 要發一下證明一下存在 喜歡可以歡迎轉發^^

arm armpits arms up bangs bare arms bare legs bare shoulders bikini black hair black wings blunt bangs breasts cleavage criss-cross halter dated dead or alive dead or alive 5 female gtunver hair ornament halter top halterneck hat highleg highleg biki

時間がなくてもそれなりに見える時短原稿テクニック (2ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

時間がなくてもそれなりに見える時短原稿テクニック (2ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

가슴 채색 / 명암

가슴 채색 / 명암 - The tutorial itself is in japanese and the description is in korean. I know it's a tut on breasts but this can be applied to other exposed body parts as well.

でろりん(@shota8641) 님 | 트위터

mimidan: “anatoref: “ How to Draw Abdominals Top Image Row by Josh Reed Row 3 Row by NemanJa Filipovic Row by Charles Hu Row 6 & 7 ” art reference ”