summer loving by the style files, via Flickr

A great road trip is the bread and butter of summer break. Just get your friends together, hop in the car and drive away. Here are a few ways to be ready to have the time of your life on your road trip this summer. Have a plan. Plan your entire itinerary.


This is a diagram of the Solar System created by Michael Paukner. I believe the diagram is to scale for the diameter of the objects seen here - if not, it's very close. Obviously, the diagram is not to scale as far as distance from the Sun is concerned.

20 DIY Sharpie ideas.

a little glass box: Horsin' around. A letter from the parents to a child on a lampshade in the child's room. Great idea -- can be any written word for a lamp in any room.

The HULK #hulk

An awesome collection of Alternate & Minimal Poster Designs for Marvel Universe Movies from Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Avengers to the X-Men films