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Xhosa "love letter"/"Iphoco". Usually, Xhosa bead works are recognized by the fact that the motifs are treated in a very symmetrical way and the use of space is less saturated/crowded than Zulu bead work.


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Xhosa Tribe of South Africa

Zahara is an Afrosoul singer from South Africa, she sings in her native tongue Xhosa and English. She plays an Acoustic guiter and writes her own music. She broke a record in SA when her Album Loliwe, a debute album went platnum in 2 weeks. She also won 8 SAMA awards, thus best new comer, best produced album, song of the year and more. This is t...


Zahara - ndiza (I'll come) English lyrics

Africa | Portrait of a Xhosa woman wearing traditional clothes, jewelry and arm rings smoking her pipe, South Africa | Postcard; publisher Protea Colours. No 896 #beads

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Two Xhosa women in traditional dress. The bead work and clay daubed faces denotes status.

The People of South Africa

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