The key to Luna... o-o

The key to Luna Lovegood.psh, I don't need JK Rowling to tell me the key to Luna, it's obvious :) lol

till the end

I LOVE that someone finally made Harry's eyes green lol. It always bothered me that he had blue eyes in the films.


Random Pictures Of The Day - 96 Pics

Funny pictures about Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan. Oh, and cool pics about Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan. Also, Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan photos.

Nobody Tells Harry Anything

"All the different things people never told Harry. And that isn't even covering a tenth of the things! :D" Nobody ever tells Harry Potter anything.

I would have never thought of that. o-o

I never thought of it in that way. I've always considered them as contrasting colors since they are at opposite sides of the color wheel. I love when this happens in movies! Try book

I've never thought about it that way...

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Me Dad's a Muggle, Mam's a Witch

I always feel sad when I read about his dead, he maybe was a little annoying but he was everything a little boy is, inocence, and I guess thats what Jo wanted to show us through his dead, that the war is the pure cruelty of the mankind.

Me Dad's a Muggle, Mam's a Witch

Underrated Harry Potter Characters Angelina would not have died like Cedric because she would have punched Wormtail in the face and Voldemort would have to crawl his baby self back to Albania, I.

Lavender and Parvati

meabhd: “ Don’t try and tell me Lavender and Parvati weren’t those “It Girls”, I will only disagree with you. For Femslash February ”

"Ravenclaw" the book version. This version of Ravenclaw's Crest is of the houses true colors that is stated in J. Rowling's Harry Potter Books (not the movie). The colors on this Ravenclaw crest of bronze and blue.