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Just because people read this, how many can relate to it? Is reading a sense of understanding? or does one have to know deep inside that these issues affect them too, just not as prominently, before they truly understand others?

*psychology says or psychologists say

Sometimes boys are more chill Is an -A still not good enough? Don't we all have terrible attitudes? I see the situation through my eyes Fun with friends  Im probably wathing youtube They are more an inspiration  Im not #2

This is true. I wish more parents could understand that it's hard to be a teenager! You guys should understand; you were teens once!

That's how I sleep cept only one hand between the legs my other is in my mouth cause I'm a finger sucker.

Just some silly Bangtan scenarios, reactions, and imagine… Fanfiction

bts wallpaper fanart - Google Search

bts wallpaper fanart - Google Search

I realized that I RARELY post about Jin and that needs to be fixed ASAP so I'm gonna post about just Jin for a while

Why do I live on the other side of the world. It's honestly making me sad knowing I'll never meet the most important people in my life, like BTS