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    200 characters is not enough to tell you about me but I will try my best to get as much information in here as I can. I will not use too many big words or run o

    According to this IG Living in the USA is good, real good. U! S! A!

    The video of this is cool. They will probably never use this design because we already have more stable systems available that would do the same thing and cost way less. The primary example are toy foam helicopters. They would be a better platform to mimic for so many reasons. Cost being the primary one. So why did they do it? Because it's AWESOME!

    I like the information but... what about the only major earthquake ever broadcast live nation wide? The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake cost 63 people their lives. It was 6.9 underground magnitude and 7.1 on the surface.

    I'd like to see this one done again after the 2012 Presidential election.

    This is your teen, that is an infographic. This is your teen on an infogrpahic.

    Call Me, Maybe: The Importance of a Mobile Campaign

    Fighting Workplace Woes - How On The Job Training Boosts Employee Morale

    "Almost 1 week" This girl will hunt him until one of them dies.

    The sunsets behind the smoke creating the illusion of thousand foot flames - Tuesday June 26th

    Still not contained but it slowed WAY down as you can see in this upside down perimeter map - Thursday June 28th

    Waldo Canyon fire perimeter map from Sunday to Wednesday

    Day 1 from the ground - Saturday June 23rd

    Close call for most but not for all. Over night the fire DOUBLED in size - Wednesday June 27th

    Firefighters help a fawn injured in the fire. To date no human injuries are reported - Wednesday June 27th

    East of Down Town Colorado Springs - Tuesday June 26th

    Entire blocks of homes are destroyed - Tuesday June 26th

    The Air Force Academy - Tuesday June 26th

    Evening brings ominous orange glow - Tuesday June 26th

    Midday smoke and an all time record of 101 degrees. Residents advised to stay in doors and windows closed to avoid potential toxins. Many if not most homes and apartments don't have AC! - Tuesday June 26th

    The flames are visible from almost everywhere in Colorado Springs - Tuesday June 26th

    The fire spreads in all directions but the winds send it North and East the fastest - Tuesday June 26th

    Many miles away from the fire - Tuesday June 26th

    Many miles away from the fire - Tuesday June 26th

    South of Colorado Springs - Monday June 25th

    Daily maps of the fire are used to figure out defensive and offensive positions - Monday June 25th

    South of Colorado Springs - Monday June 25th

    The enemy doesn't sleep - Sunday night June 24th

    Doesn't look like much - Saturday June 23rd

    East of Colorado Springs - Sunday June 24th

    As yet unstoppable enemy cresting the hill - Sunday June 24

    The first evacuations started hours before - Sunday June 24th

    View from Pikes Peak - Saturday June 23rd

    The view from North East of Colorado Springs - Sunday June 24th

    The threat is real - Sunday June 24th