This happens to me EVERY day! I realize it and feel super embarrassed, but I don't actually do anything about it...because those conversation are WAY more interesting to me than those people anyway. I think I'm doing something wrong!

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Haha yes! At first I was like "I'm only gonna like you through the summer, then we will move on and that's all." Then we kissed and I fell hard for you. And now when we kiss I accept what it is.. And now I'm happy. Yes I like you but what we have is gold.

I own the worst pieces of me, admitting they are not pleasant. While at the same time I know that the wonderful pieces of me are here and the one who endures the rain sees the rainbow. So is true with M.M. and oddly enough with myself. If you can endure the torrents of the storm you will enjoy far more than a rainbow!

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