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    White Magic - Book of Shadows ☾

    White magic is anything which induces positive energies and results. Most of Wicca magic is White Magic for instance, and so are a wealth of other pagan beliefs. Let's create a hub to channel good magic by making this board a reference point. You can meet fellow enthusiasts, learn many new things (spells, remedies, stories), and be inspired. Inspired to live a beautiful life. Invite your magic friends and let's do some pinning!Email me at to be added or tag me in a comment!

    White Magic - Book of Shadows ☾

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    In Celtic mythology, Danu had a wide variety of responsibilities… Or a lot of differing opinions, rather. Danu was one of the oldest goddess of Celtic mythology. She was said to be “mother earth”, a river goddess, a mother goddess… the list goes on. One connection she has with more popular myths are the Tuatha de Danann, which literally are, “the people of Danu.”

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    Book of Shadows: Pagan Grace.

    The Goddess Returns | Integral Life

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    The Goddess Returns | Integral Life

    Choosing your magickal name

    Book of Shadows: #BOS Choosing Your Path: Types of Witches page.

    August: Corn Moon esbat ritual goals and correspondences #wicca #pagan #moon

    Albions Legacy Lady of the lake

    Wiccapedia: A Modern-Day White Witch's Guide: Shawn Robbins, Leanna Greenaway: 9781454913740: Books

    Magical Pentacle

    Book of Shadows: #BOS Choosing Your Witch Name page.

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      What about popular Warlock names ?

    Circe is a witch in Greek mythology. We wonder what her spells were like and how she invoked the forces?


    The Goddess Returns | Integral Life

    The goddess Kebechet. Egyptian mythology. She is a Goddess of personification of embalming liquid. Her name means cooling water. She is also consider the goddess of freshness and purification through water. She washed the entrails of the deceased and brought sacred water to Anubis for his tasks. She was thought to give water to the spirits of the dead while they waited for the mummification process to be completed.

    Gypsy Moon's Enchanted Chronicles

    A kitchen witch's guide to food magick.

    Book of Shadows: #BOS How to Choose Your Path page.

    Rosemary has been used extensively in magic spells and formulas since ancient years and it has been famous for its cleansing and protective qualities. It still remains one of the oldest incenses along with Myrrh and Frankincense and is burned in Cleansing and Spell Breaking rituals.


    Not such a practicer of the days of the week because they are arbitrary in accordance with the rhythm of life to me. But the issue of time of day is different. I believe this part.

    SPELL FOR JOY Source: Witches and Pagans... Chant twice and clap hands at end: Joy, Joy, come to me, come and dance and play with me, Fill my life with prosperity, come, come to me!

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