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Keeping Sissy: Tips for Real Women

Keeping a sissy is a great way of balancing your career and family, and a loving, sexually fulfilling relationship with a real man. Sissy will provide amusement, service adoration and pleasure. This is a board with tips for women for keeping your sissy.
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Excerpt from 'Feminizing Sissy: A Handbook for Women'. Once sissy has been feminized, you will notice that the role she assumes around your home will subtly change. Skirted, she will be calmer, possibly quieter, and more willing to adopt a subservient attitude in your relationship. However, wearing a cute dress and killer heels should not impede your sissy from undertaking chores. Just be careful. Sissy is weak & feeble. Physical tasks, like unloading the car, will not come as easily to…

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Excerpt from 'Feminizing Sissy: A Handbook for Women'. "Wearing pretty dresses in front of your sissy can help her acclimatise to her newly discovered femininity. Sissy will quickly understand the joy, freedom & simplicity of dresses, as well learn to appreciate how they make you feel. The prettier the dress, the better. Smile & demonstrate your inner peace & contentment, & soon she will aspire to look & be just like you. We advise you wear skirts & dresses every day in front of sissy."

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Putting sissy in a dress for the first time will be interesting. Expect extreme embarrassment and feelings of humiliation. But for a true sissy, it will bring out all sorts of feminine mannerisms, especially when you take her outside. She will undoubtedly feel pretty. And she will both shrink and delight at compliments from other women.

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Trying on dresses in front of sissy will inspire her. Ask sissy of her opinion on your dresses. Tell her to imagine herself in each dress you try on. Ask her to describe the way she would feel in it. "Romantic. Feminine. Delicate." Watch as sissy become red in the face, aroused at the thought of becoming your sweet girl. Tell her how pretty she is. Let her know she will soon be trying on many of her own dresses. Dresses that will show off her femininity, and attract the attention of real…

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Even the sissiest boy will not become a pretty sissy without a little assistance! Go and see you doctor together. Find a sympathetic doctor, preferably female - someone who will understand the desire to be feminine. Explain your sissy's journey. Have sissy examined - show your doctor the evidence. Then plan a course of action. When sissy gets hormones, ensure she takes them. Pretty soon she will be fitting into her lovely skirts and dresses with ease, looking more like your sweet girl every…

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Find sissy her own room, immediately. You can't have her thinking she's still going to sleep in your bed every night, except when you need something cute to snuggle up to. She needs to know sex as it used to be is over. From now on sissy will get into your bedroom when you need her only, both for you and your lovers. And use lots of ruffles! This duvet cover is delightful. Also make sure you buy her a wardrobe, only to be used for sissy clothes (dresses, skirts etc).

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Remember girls, sissies have been training all their lives. It's not such a big step from one picture to the next. Getting sissy to enjoy the subject of the last picture is key. Start will the lolly pop, and work from there. Challenge your sissy to suck seductively. Ask her to imagine it's a real man. Watch for the twitch in her panties...there we go...confirmation that she's your sissy. Get her to look into your eyes. You'll notice humiliation, but also arousal. After that, you're mostly…

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Training sissy is critically important. Her old sources of stimulation are over (you will need a chastity device, one that flattens sissy's 'bits' [unless you have the removed]). From now on sissy will only receive stimulation from a penis. She will soon start to associate it with her pleasure, and learn to love it. It's also important so that sissy gradually begins to think about contact with real men, both for your amusement, and to save you energy. But more of that later.

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Dress sissy according to the way YOU feel on a particular day, not the way she feels. As a general rule of thumb, pretty skirts and dresses are best, and always dress sissy in a more feminine outfit than yours. Remember, you need to keep your sissy feeling girly. It will remind her of her new role in your life, and provide you and your friends with more amusement.

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