Marine Mom!

I only feel this way about my parents.but I'm sure the quote is about a broken heart. I'm pretty sure losing them is the only time I have had a broken heart. nothing else in my life has ever made me relate to quotes such as this

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I'm not a Marine but i was attached to the first Marine Expeditionary Force, my high speed low drag MP unit was their QRF. The above passage pretty much sums up what i feel for my Marine Brothers and sisters.

The Marine Mom's Prayer .This is beautiful. It is a completely different feeling to be the mom of a Marine then the wife. Both are difficult. Its like your heart has come to a point of quiet surrender to a plan that you can never control. Watching two of the most important men in your life answer a calling that is sure to change them forever and trusting that this change is in God's plan no matter what, is a feeling no words can describe.I found this prayer and think it might come close.

Marine Prayer Plaque

Marine Wife Prayer plaque- for Holly Person, my daughter in law- waiting for her Marine to return. Military Wife's Never Forget.

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I'd LOVE to have this in my game closet - & then would need someone to play it with me. MONOPOLY: U. Must have for any Marine household.

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