'life and love infinity symbol' with feather detail

'life and love infinity symbol' with feather detail [love, life, infinity, feathers.

I see no reason why this should not be.

Shoe closets are a dream! I want one so badly. so I can stop wearing the same two pairs of shoes because I'm too lazy to dig through to find the others. Shoes and bags/purses. they require their own closet.

Piggies having a kick ass life!

Piggies being piggies…

This is why I have always wanted a pet pig and don't eat bacon.

peace. love. music.

My new Peace Love and Music tattoo on the inside of my left ankle Update I seriously never thought this would be the most popular picture on . Peace Love and Music Tattoo

... And not by sight.

Walk by faith tattoo.I want this quote on my foot different font and placement though Go to Diet health info for

Urban Chickens

Backyard Chicken Coop Plans Ideas Important Things to Consider when Building Chicken Coops

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