See-It-To-Believe-It Moments

We fundamentally believe that life is better when we are doing things, rather than having things. This board showcases great brands, and marketers, who are doing great things, in encouraging people to do more things.
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12 Extravagant Instagram Pics by the Rich and Famous.

8 Fantastic Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated.

Best Bus Stop Ever. Thanks Lucido.

The London Underground's Latest Art Project: A Maze For Every Station. Thanks JP.

Luxury brands lagging in mobile. Only 57% of the 100 brands examined offer an optimized m-commerce experience. Nearly a third of brands rely exclusively on their desktop site to sell items available online to mobile consumers.

Name the Event, and Some Marketer Will Be Ready to Exploit Social Media. I kinda think it's sad that the notion of "real time" creative is getting so much attention. Pretty low bar.

Ladies Like the Mobilization of Infidelity.

Watching their social media channels makes me feel bad for the team having to deal with this. Read this article and just look at their Facebook page to see the range of comments. - Carnival Cruise Lines apologizes for stranding 4,200 passengers.

These apps take our agency POV of "doing is better than having" to new levels. 10 Apps to Spice Up Your Sex Life this Valentines Day.

Second screen for fitness. Makes "doing" that much more fun. Go Wahoo.

In-house "newsrooms" are all the rage... Virgin Mobile Content Newsroom Drives 9.7M Engagements

Bing, Fox Tap Social To Take Pulse Of State Of The Union. The platform, Bing Pulse, will gather social media sentiment and feedback from viewers in real-time. I'm skeptical it will tell us anything new but look forward to checking it out.

Visiting Las Vegas: Sin City Breaks Tourism Record in 2012, But Visitors Still Spend Cautiously

GoGaddy is getting a lot of buzz from their #SuperBowl ad, but do ads that make you go 'eww' have a positive impact on the bottom line? Is all buzz, good buzz?

Oreo demonstrates that brave brands, trusting clients, and excellent instincts are all you need for social media gold.

Want to put your personal brand in jeopardy? Kick a ballboy in the stomach.

Since when is 11 inches a "foot long"? Don't ask Subway (or at least their attorney) who ended up this hot social mess.

Lego responds to a letter from a 7 year old fan, with a replacement and some sage advice

24 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real. Imagine your brand could pull this off?

Well, here's one way to get people to visit your country - call Ellen DeGeneres. Australia to Host “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to Promote Tourism

Amtrak Unveils 2013 Plans for Northeast Corridor. Only good news for New York tourism.

Starbucks builds on its relationship with Square. More retail outlets embracing mobile wallets, the more we can expect consumer adoption.

Foursquare Has 10.4 Million Monthly Users Nielsen says 42% of those who downloaded app use it at least once a month.

Instagram sets new records this Thanksgiving season. The activity spiked, as one would expect, in the afternoon. As the East Coast was digesting and the West Coast starting to gather around meal tables, Instagram was hit with 226 Thanksgiving Day tagged photos per second. Overall members shared 10 million holiday images on T-Day.