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Moonrise Kingdom

poster design.

Mathieu-César - Daft Punk

Of Monsters And Men- Into the Great Wide Open tour



Album cover for AIR by Mike Mills


Jay Kay of Jamiroquai

The #Modern and more #swag Vampire Weekend album cover


Ray Charles, Paris, 1969

Marina & The Diamonds concert poster

new order - OLD SCHOOL

Paul _To Hell With the Beatles

Cat, Music Obsession, Paused Buttons, Music By, Sleep Music, All

.The Smiths




"people should not be so snobby about their music. it's like saying that filet mignon is a brilliant food but bananas are stupid to eat. no. you need all the things. if you want to eat jam and toast for a week and that's all you want to do. then do it." -bjork


the smiths!! i've been asking for this very same thing