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The+Lost+World-Jurassic_Park_movie-poster-inspired_leoarts_leonardo_paciarotti.jpg pixels>>> I love the use of the dinosaur silhouettes and pictures in them

Jurassic World

The killer dinosaur in Jurassic World is the Indominus Rex and the official website has a ton of new info on him. See the Indominus Rex Jurassic World.

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This Dinosaur Stereo Optical illusion is done by taken a picture of the same object at two slightly different angles, when you flip back and forth it gives the

JURASSIC PARK - A group of people on a preview tour are stranded when Jurassic Park is hit with a hurricane, releasing its cloned prehistoric inhabitants.

I really like Jurassic Park because of the way Spielberg uses Animatronic dinosaurs which look very realistic. There is a funny scene where a man gets eaten by a T-Rex whilst sat on a toilet.

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Jurassic World is the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel from Colin Trevorrow. You can read the latest Jurassic World / Jurassic Park 4 news and rumors here.