The Ladylike Laws: Manners Matter

These gloves are absolutely fabulous, although more for looks than actual warmth! Darling!

Salt Water Leather Sandal in Red

Rockabilly - Tirelessly Tasteful Gloves - Red Leather Gloves w/ Bows if it would be possible to get them to fit my freakishly tiny hands

OMG - these are so lovely, and completely my style!!!   Woodland Nut Cuffs - Steampunk Fairy - Vintage lace cuffs - nuno felt cuffs

Woodland Nut Cuffs - Steampunk Fairy - Vintage lace cuffs - nuno felt cuffs

Love these :) Woodland Nut Cuffs - Steampunk Fairy - Vintage lace cuffs - nuno felt cuffs

Plastic Cups - Tara Donovan - To construct “Untitled (Plastic Cups)” in 2006, at the PaceWildenstein Gallery in New York (USA), which must be freshly built each time it is shown, she stacks millions of transparent plastic cups in a tight, rigorous grid and sculptures the swaying piles into gentle waves that suggest a cross-section of a pixilated landscape. Like much of her work, it can be expanded or contracted to fit the space.

Tara Donovan and the Genius of Little Things

Paper Cups - Tara Donovan this is amazing! Something so creative from a simple plastic cup

Butcher shop meat case

Butcher shop meat case for French Chef Scene

Anish Kapoor, pure pigment

"Svayambh" by Anish Kapoor. A block of blood-red wax and vasiline slowly moving through the hall, painting the doors red as it passes.

Gloved style | LBV ♥✤ | KeepSmiling | BeStayBeautiful

- inspiration Karolina Waz by Michal Kar and Maciej Piorko in “Glam Rock Chic” for Fashion.

Baseball Glove Compilation - Timothy Hogan, "Collection." #baseball #baseballglove

Timothy Hogan's Baseball Glove Compilation print is an archival quality print that shows every stunning detail of these vintage pieces of memorabilia.


This has been a recurring nightmare since childhood. Blood from the tap or shower head.

Female Cranial Fillets - Disturbing Meat Cuts Look as if They’re Human Flesh

Female Cranial Fillets

Art work capable of making you cringe, these disturbingly grotesque art pieces definitely show you a darker side to the artistic world.

Adrienne Antonson, gloves made from human hair and thread.

Trend Watch: Hair Art

adrienne antonson: sculptures made from human hair

Pig Art Print, Collage, Anthropomorphic, Animal Photography, Decorative, Vintage, Pink, Cute, Weird, Surreal, 8 x 10, "The Pig Princess"

Pig Art Print, Pig Decor Gifts, Mixed Media Collage, Anthropomorphic, Girl Nursery Decor, Funny Gifts, (3 Sizes) "The Pig Princess"

Gods and Foolish Grandeur: Signore di seta - portraits by Vittorio Matteo Corcos: Queen Amélie of Portugal,


I am your puppet. Pretty creepy - I want to be a zombie puppet for Halloween!