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I think I will have garden parties this summer. the lovely birds club - yeoldefashion: A 1912 photograph of women in… on We Heart It -

Tea Etiquette, Whats Cooking America

Tea Etiquette, Tea Etiquette Guide, Etiquette Faux Pas and Other Misconceptions About Afternoon Tea, Ellen Easton, High Tea Etiquette, Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Standing on Ceremony: The History of Tea Sandwiches

From SAVEUR Issue is the sandwich that defines the English afternoon tea: its presentation and filling; its size and shape and slenderness; whether it is with or without the crust. Keep reading »

High Tea Party, loving these chairs which will be available for hire in two months time as part of our high tea styling packages

No doubt this little lass is enjoying a cup of tea. Something about her countenance touches me - a kindness in her eyes even at her young age.


Tea Party for no particular reason other than a neighbor comes over to play. Gramma will provide the refreshments and Gramma is the best cook in the entire universe!

tea party...this is way before the time my brother and I did it though, and we didn't invite any stuffed animals...I don't think we even had stuffed animals at that point, cause the dogs had chewed them up...but a bat showed up once and Mom had to chase it out with a broom...