My husband thinks I'm a genius because I gave him this when he had he takes it to the gym for the sauna and they think he's a genius...haha

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

No sinus infections in the house for years. Inhale it from the bottle, or put a few drops on a tissue or cotton swab to carry around/ sleep with. When it is all of us I put 20 drops or so with a cup or 2 of water and simmer on the stove for a few hours.

My favorite drink- Flat White!

Comparing the Latte Macchiato and the Flat White


2012 Allure Reader's Choice Awards - Best Facial Cleanser - Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Cleans well, w/o depositing chemicals on your skin and into your body.

Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap A relaxing fragrance for tired and stressed-out souls with lavender calms the nerves.

Mae Anong Karee Curry Paste, 16-Ounce

Mae Anong Karee Curry Paste, * More info could be found at the image url.