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When I Was A Kid

When I Was A Kid

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Best. Flashlight. Ever. The toy that got your through the darkest (and greenest) of times: 50 things you won't forget about your childhood.

50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

Fisher Price Kitchen. This is the one we had as kids!!

loved this

Styrofoam...the containers used before many fast food joints became environmentally conscious.

Weird & Wonderful Retro Packaging Designs From The Future!!

Library card....I still remember

'He's big and blue and scary, but a friendly monster too!' My Pet Monster! Another show I loved when I was young.

J.E. Daniels' Animated Topics & Headlines: My Pet Monster DVD Look

Sesame Street - Original Cast, 1970. This was MY Sesame Street!!

Sesame Street - Muppet Wiki

Fisher Price Cash Register

I had this on cassette tape. Listened to it on my walkman. All but wore out "I Saw the Sign."

Children of the 90s: Ace of Base

Koosh ball! Every body forgot about these beautiful little buggers, but not me! This harmless koosh can be a teaching aid like none other. Not only is it impossible to remain apathetic when there is a koosh wizzing by your face, it stimulates the brain and the body when in an otherwise shy classroom. Bring kinesthetics back into learning.

Community Post: A '90s Kid's Christmas List

Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa dolls 1990's toys. I had the brunette! Still do actually! My girls play with her :)

ElectroCat: Happy Birthday Barbie!
  • Tash Penner
    Tash Penner

    I had the brunette one too! Adriana plays with her now :-)

I got this same Easy Bake Oven for Christmas in the early 70s. It was a hand-me-down from an older cousin and I loved it. I baked so much with it that I got the nickname "Betty Crocker". She retired when I graduated to the big, she was worn out!

Rainbow toe socks. I had socks like this as a teen! Best things ever!

Toe socks, rainbow toe socks
  • Tash Penner
    Tash Penner

    I remember having these too!

vintage children's Tupperware stencils

I had these growing up and loved them. Want to get them for my son...stupid money...gotta find a diy way but kinda skeptical

Little Tikes Big Waffle Blocks

Rainbow Brite, she was my favorite!

Coplings Hobbit Hole: The New Rainbow Brite

I miss my childhood, I wonder if the boys will look back and remember their action figures and wrestlers with the same endearment as I look back upon things like treasure trolls???? Hmmm.

I had this exact Barbie! The skirt and suitcase are somehow still in good enough condition that my girls are using them!

Remember crimping your hair? Remember doing it by plaiting tiny plaits all over your head.It took hours!

never forget | The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

whats funny is my daughter has the new and improved Alphie that NEVER SHUTS OFF and I wanna throw out the window! playskool's alphie; #80s #toys

I love the 80s strikes back..the struggle of trying to get your Popple into his ball shape.


The Jetsons Old cartoons