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I love the look of the palette as it compliments the floorboards and structural elements.

Bedroom inspiration / wooden floor, antique rug, white bedding Eyebrow Makeup Tips

soft shimmery gold and peach eye.

Eye MakeUp Tips:Pure Mineral Makeup Tutorial- Stay Put Eyes; How To Prevent Your Eye Makeup From Running Away From You. The smudge free eye is our goal

There's never a dull moment in the Naranjo family's household. With three daughters (ages 13, 15 and 20), and two dogs (Liberty the Great Dane and Luka the Yorkie), time has flown by for Nichol and her husband Dominic.After buying this starter tract home in Albuquerque, NM a decade ago, the plan was to tackle some light renovations and flip it a few years later. But, as Nichol points out, 'then the market crashed.' Forced to stay in this home for longer than they anticipated, Nichol has…

Look at that ship chandelier! Infusing Color and DIY Charm into a Cookie-Cutter Home in New Mexico

Pastel hair! #targetstyle

Pastel Hair – In or Out? We’ve all seen our BFF Kelly Osborne from E!’s Fashion Police rock her light purple, pastel colored hair! More and more each day I’ve found that Pastel hair is so in.

One of the nicest peach hairs I've seen!

This formula is less intense than the other peach shades I’ve tried, a soft, wearable hue that falls somewhere between natural and pastel. This tone has a weathered quality, like well-worn fabric, .